Rest In Peace

Sadly, we said goodbye to our beloved Corgi, Lelage Marie Mitchell, AKA LeeLee. We miss her fo much.

Living in the Moment

Have you ever ridden a cow?  I thought I might have been the only kid to give it a try until I saw a video of a girl riding a cow like I used to do when I was a kid. I watched the short Facebook video a time or two. This girl had perfected…

My Influential Distant Relatives

Perhaps you too have a person in your life that has always remained a fond memory, even after they have left this earth. Herman and Mary are two such people that touched my young life. Perhaps you will be the Herman and Mary in someone’s life today. I have no pictures to share, only memories. …

A Farm Girl Story From the Sixties

 Did you know I have been writing  A Farmhouse Journal  for our local newspaper, the Brown County Press? For this column, I share many of my childhood stories of long ago  growing up on a farm in the sixties.  Here’s one that ran recently. The story is very fresh for  me today just as it was…

I remember the smudge pot on the farm?

I grew up in the sixties and  farming practices learned from Dad on the  farm of my youth,  still guide me today.  I like to reminisce, don’t you? There is much to learn while doing so.  Just  the other day Mom and I were chatting about cold weather practices  on the farm of my youth….