Welcome to my Farmhouse!

A farmgirl since 1962…

All my life,  especially as a child while playing “farm” with my younger brother Robby, with his  turquois, Tonka Toy Christmas gift farm set,  (I reflect that  I  enjoyed  the set more than him) I was dreaming of owning my own farm someday. The set contained plastic horses, cows, pigs, chickens, board fence, a truck and a horse trailer letting my imagination run wild.

 And I imagined myself in this  life someday. And now I can happily say I am living the dream!

Sometimes, however, when the tractor isn’t running or the baler is not a tying, or we haven’t eaten since noon, the dream I dreamed, is not all that glamorous. But then, at the end of the day you overcome the challenge placed before you, you laugh outloud, “we’re living the dream,” and life goes on and one can’t imagine living anywhere else but where I am now.

“If there is one thing I hope you take away from me through my country woman life and writing  is to Follow YOUR Dream! and in all times Take Joy!

Today a Modern Country Woman

Today, all grown up, I can happily say,  after so many years, I’m still living the country life on a farm, and continue to pursue my writing.   I have been writing a weekly column for our local news paper The Brown County Press, Take Joy! My Farmhouse Journal.

2016 I recently had my 160 page book published, chock full of memories and recipes of my growing up years and then some: My Farmhouse Journal: Memories and Recipes  …absolutely a  dream come true. And, though it is a great accomplishment, I wrote it for, and during, my sister while she was dying of cancer. Ugh.  

Finally, after all these years, you may say I have arrived? No, I think maybe I’m just getting started.  Perhaps you’ve had a dream like mine maybe of a different sort, not writing, or farm life, but something else.  Maybe you gave up on it , or are about to, not feeling it will ever come true. DON’T STOP BELEIVING.  You can re-master that dream. I know you can. Look at me. I’m living proof, I’m a late bloomer, too.

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