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Now, how in the world, does one want to, or become a writer? Well, truth is, all my life,  since I was nine years of age I wanted to write like Laura. I remember my first Laura Ingalls Wilder book like it was yesterday. It was the first year our fourth grade class got to go to the school library. And there at eye level was a collection of Little House books. When I  read that first one Little House in the Big Woods, I felt right then and there, I wanted to write my girlhood stories down someday. Of course, I first had to live them. All these many years later I finally did write down my stories.

I was 58 and just getting to it the task of seriously writing, Better late than never, some say. But when visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield, Missouri, I read she was 60 when she published her first book. Well, what do you know about that? I’m right on target.

I love it when readers message me, write me or catch up to me in the grocery store to say reading my book (or my columns) brings back so many pleasant memories for them. Simple, pleasurable childhood memories they had long since forgotten. And then I beam big and bright!

If you don’t own a copy, I hope you will reward yourself with a copy. Please read it, then pass it on to one of your family or friends.

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