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Recipes For Your Farmhouse Table

In that same farmhouse of my youth, I began learning from Mother how to do simple kitchen tasks. To me, it was like a scientific experiment to make cookies and cakes and color Easter eggs. I loved it.

One morning, as a youngster, after many failed attempts, I remember finally mastering frying an over-easy egg in a cast-iron skillet on the white gas range, finally, without the crunchies. I was elated.

In my book,   My Farmhouse Journal: Memories and Recipes, and in my blog, too,   I share my family’s heirloom recipes—the ones  I grew up learning to make and bake and EAT! Eating is the best part.

Some days, it is refreshing to reflect on our youth. That’s when   I open my book, sip a cup of coffee and read my stories, and I remember when. Right then and there, I am transported to a simpler time, and I become overjoyed with  Joy!

So here’s the thing…Keep chasing your dream. And heed Thoreau’s advice…advance confidently in the direction of your dream. What ever that may be.