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About Sherry

Sherry is a writer, a blogger, a horse farm owner, and a cooking show blogger. She writes a weekly column for The Brown County Press, is a regular contributor to Seasons Magazine. Her work has appeared in Country Woman, Mary Jane’s Farm, and Farm and Ranch magazines.

In 2017, she won the prestigious Country Woman of the Year Award for Country Woman Magazine. Read more about that here:

Sherry authored her first memoir cookbook: My Farmhouse Journal: Memories and Recipes chock-full of memories and recipes since she became a farmgirl in 1962. She loves to write about her farm life —both then and now and offers her readers: So here’s the thing wisdom!

She and her husband operate Cherry Ridge Farm, a horse farm catering to children’s growth and learning and for those with special needs. http://www.cherryridgefarms.org

Her daily living motto is: Take Joy! It’s there for the taking.

Hello my dear reader!

Would you believe I’m a true bonafide farm girl? Yep!  In 1962, Daddy and Mother packed up the station wagon,  with three kids—a boy and two girls, and a baby on the way. They moved us from Loveland, Ohio—a  suburb of Cincinnati—to the rural farming community of Buford, Highland County, Ohio. It was way out there, an hour’s drive from civilization. But the beauty of it all was Daddy was now fulfilling his childhood dream of being a farmer.

That first night we nestled into our small,  story-and-a-half white, clapboard sided house situated on a hundred acre parcel with many outbuildings and a big white livestock barn with a milking parlor. The rolling green pastures were dotted with black and white dairy cows. It was the biggest backyard I had ever seen.

I didn’t know it then—I  couldn’t have since I was only four at the time of the move,  but that move changed the course of my life forever. And right then and there, I became rooted. A transplant from city girl to a farm girl.

Now, all these decades later, since 1962, I’m writing about years gone by and those memories gleaned from those years. Lessons I learned along the way and am still learning to this day.  

My antidotes So Here’s the Thing… wisdom at the end of my pages, some say, are endearing. And the stories I share, they say, bring back fond memories of their own rural childhood. And mostly, they say, it brings them joy to read my stories. But I say it brings me more joy to read your comments. Either way, let us both Take Joy!