Take Joy! Coffee Talk

Need a speaker and a little bit of inspiration for your next gathering? Need to get over the hurdle of obstacles that are holding you back? When Sherry isn’t busy on the farm operating Cherry Ridge Farms she enjoys sharing an inspiring Take Joy! Coffee Talk presentation with her fans. During her presentation   Sherry reflects on how the unseen had been grooming her since the age of nine––actually all her life–– to write! Laura Ingalls was her childhood inspiration.

Along the way, she stumbled over every obstacle. “There’s no money in writing.” ” You haven’t the talent.” “You’re getting too old.” UGH! Ready to give up to the feeling the inner voice was right all along, there was no use, “you haven’t the talent; there’s no money in writing; might as well chuck it and be a failure; too much time has passed by; nothing to show for it!”

But then, when she was on the verge of giving up on the dream, laying it down and walking away, inspiration came quite unexpectedly. Giving her the desire and passion to “press on.” Try again. Perhaps the words she shares during her coffee talk are the words of inspiration you’ve been waiting to hear all along, too.

Take Joy! Coffee Talk

Chock full of  inspiration her “sharing her life story” will guide you to  find your own path (no matter your age)  or  get you  back to the path you have been searching for and couldn’t find all this time. (Do not say, I’m too old! She won’t hear it.)

In her thirty minute Take Joy!  Presentation, Sherry will share her bumps-in-the-road and what it finally took to get her from there to here living the inspired life she always knew she was  meant to live.

To invite Sherry to your small group for a Take Joy!   contact her below. There currently isn’t any charge. Gratuities are accepted so she can buy more plants or publish more books!

“YES! There will be hurdles, big and tall  ones,” she tells, and  the biggest, heartbreaking  one was what was needed to set my wheels in motion to push me off the cliff so to speak, to fulfill my childhood  dream.”

Take Joy! Coffee Talk Overcoming Fear.
Words of wisdom shared over a cup of coffee!

 “I should have known  that  once a dream is planted ( she believes we are all harboring a seed yet waiting to see the sunlight and bloom) there is so much more you must do to cultivate your dream to be fruitful,  like when planting a seed on the farm like daddy did back in the day. I’m a farm girl…I should have known that, right?” Contact Sherry today…