Helen Lodwick’s Crazy Cake

Remembering Helen and Dick Lodwick
Avah and Sherry Making the Crazy Cake

Remembering the Lodwicks

It was like a dream come true for this horse-crazy kid to visit the Lodwick’s Arabian horse farm in the sixties.  Eventually, Helen would become my 4-H Horse Advisor to our Silver Spurs Club.   And two decades forward, she would be 4-H Advisor to my three children.  

This chocolate cake which I coined Helen Lodwick’s Crazy Cake, was first eaten when I was an eleven-year-old at our 4-H Christmas party. From the top of the wall, all around the “great room,” hung ribbons from previous shows. The silver trophies and platters were glowing on the shelves near the kitchen, and the fire from the stone fireplace was glowing too. So was my heart! Helen’s husband Dick (who would become my seventh-grade school teacher) tended the fire and told stories.

Fast forward many more years later, I was the parent with three 4-H kids in her Silver Spurs 4-H Club. And lo and behold, true to tradition, she served her special chocolate cake with powder sugar on top. Right then and there, I had to ask her for her famous chocolate cake recipe I was happily eating again with pure delight—in that same freat room with open rafters with the ribbons and silver and a roaring fire.

On the spot, she recited her recipe—knowing it from the heart as I suppose she had made it so many times over the years. But, quickly she could tell, I probably wouldn’t remember. So she added, ” Call me. I’ll give it to you.” And I did, and I scribbled it on a recipe card in 1991.

With my granddaughter, Avah, when she was a wee little child—maybe three—we made it. And we made it again recently now she is twelve—time flies. And this time we filmed it for Sherry’s Country Kitchen Show on YouTube.

A few years ago, I also included this remembrance in my book, My Farmhouse Journal: Memories and Recipes, because it is such a wonderful memory for me, indeed.

I hope you will give it a try—especially with little children—or use a spoon to stir if you prefer. Either way it is heavy and moist and delicious. Thank You Helen for the memories.  


Sadly, Helen and Dick have moved on to “greener pastures,” as they say. But their memory lives on for many.  
I included the recipe in my book on page 134. She always just used powdered sugar for a topping.
A dollop of butter or cream cheese icing is delicious, too.

This is the note card I quickly scribbled the recipe on as Helen quickly dictated it to me over the land-line phone many years ago.

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