Making My Snow Angel

It’s a winter wonderland here on the farm. How about where you live?

I feel for those people in Texas. They are not prepared for winter there at all. I’m thankful to be in a cozy warm house with electricity, and food in the fridge, and a good book or magazine to read. And fit enough to drop down and make an Angel. Aren’t you?

 I made my snow Angel, just like I said I would. Do you remember how one had to be really careful when getting up from the making one not disturb your Angel creation? I had forgotten that, but I did pretty darn good not to mess her up. And it made me feel so childlike. I certainly like that feeling.

I’m convinced one gets old because you stop making snow angels. And if you quit moving, you seize up like the Tin Man. Oil up your parts and keep moving. I think I’m going to make some Snow Ice Cream next. I totally remember the first time I had it as a child, sister Debbie probably 8 and me 4, said, “Go get a bowl of snow. And don’t get any that looks yellow.” Ha! Ha! Doesn’t every kid know that one by now! It was delicious. And I don’t remember us having a particular recipe, but it was so good. And I’ll conjure up those pleasant forgotten memories from the farmhouse of my youth. And I’ll smile. Remembering. And hear her say, once more, my heavenly angel, “Remember, don’t get the yellow snow.”
Check out the photos below of me making my Snow Angel!

Take Joy!

P.S. If you have a Snow Ice Cream recipe or memory, please share it in the comments.

Here I go!
At first, I forgot how to make the legs and arms go in unison.
I suddenly remembered be careful not to destroy her when getting up.
Awe! She is beautiful!

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