Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

This recipe comes from my mom’s old black and white composition, a homemade cookbook. We Phillips kids loved setting up an assembly line to help cut the cookies out and to decorate them. At the time when I remember making this vivid memory was in the early sixties. Mother and her young helpers prepared a box of cookies and fudge in a huge white coat box for Daddy’s workers at Ford Motor Company. I treasure the memory of doing that in our little white farmhouse in Highland County, Ohio. Daddy said the workers loved (devoured) our gift.
Of course, these were the cookies we made each year and set out a few on a plate with a cup of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. Every year, he devoured them, too.
Hope you’ll try it and make your own memories, too!
P.S. I especially love them with the Almond extract added!

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