Now I Can Hardly Wait For Spring

For mid-December, the Ohio weather here on Cherry Ridge has been spring-like, beautiful, and warm. I love it!

Yesterday it reached sixty-degrees. It is another chance to “batten down the hatches” as they say in preparation for winter’s upcoming cold. I just realized I misplaced my bulb order and didn’t plant them in the fall. Oh, dear.

“I’ve got to get them in the ground. No fooling around,” I told Jeff. So, he fetched me the shovel from the barn. I leaned on the shovel as I decided “where” to dig a bed. How about real close to my front door sidewalk? This way, I will see them every day once they come up and bloom come spring.

Though the air was warm, the earth was chilly in my hands. As I planted each tiny bulb the size of a quarter I dreamed as most gardeners do of seeing the fruits of my labor come March. This is always a wonderful moment for me, to see the first bloom of spring. A sign that Spring is right around the corner and we are always ready for it!

It will make my heart skip a beat when I see those first little buds poking their heads up through the dirt after their long winter’s nap; oftentimes through a blanket of snow. All total,  I put-to-bed about 30 bulbs today, give or take, and patted the soiled blanket lightly with my garden boot. “I’ll see you again come spring!” I said as I leaned on my shovel with a satisfying smile on my face.

purple crocus flowers in bloom
Its always so exciting when you see the first signs of spring. The Crocus.

So here’s the thing… You know it is so good for the soul to dig in the dirt. Not good for fingernails but good for the spirit! I saw this sentence once somewhere and I believe it to be true: To plant a garden is to believe in the future! If you missed your window of opportunity to plant fall bulbs, here’s an option. When you see them at Tractor Supply or Target or Walmart—or wherever you shop—gift yourself one of those boxed Amarillo bulbs to force in January. You’ll be amazed to watch it grow. And feel your winter doldrums disappear. Spring will be right around the corner!

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