5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own She Shed!

IMG_8802 (1)
Its all the RAGE! Here’s how I got one!

Step 1. WANT IT

I wanted it for a long time. I wanted it real bad. A place to call my own. Just mine. A place to write, relax, dream. Maybe even nap. But I had given up on the notion. It felt like I had given up on me.  Finally, the transformation took place with a nudge from my daughter. “See, you were on the right track. It’s all the rage.” And I realized she was right. Absolutely right. You want it…now go get it.


Your shed could be anything. An old building on your property a chicken house no longer in use. Or you might buy or build one. Mine was bought seven years prior, being a previous run-in-shed for horses. I bought it reasonably, had it moved to the farm. I had a floor and a door put in immediately. The door was purchased used and the plywood floors were left over from a job my son was working on.

My shed an    8′ x 16′ 3 sided run-in horse shed. True Story! See the horse feeder in the corner. Hay rack in the corner.    But life got busy and one thing led to another and it became a garden shed.   All the garden stuff,  and I mean a lot was toted outside  and organized in piles. A lot of things we reused  or repurpose. Most everything.   “It feels like a yard sale out here,” said 8 year old Avah.

Step 3. Clean it out, clean it up,repair

My shed had become a garden shed in the meantime. So I had lots of stuff to clean out. But I was ready to do it, plus many hands make quick work. Originally I wanted to leave all the wood natural. But, painting was Christi’s idea. “Brighten it up.” We originally planned to use my spray gun for the walls but I couldn’t find a part so we started rolling it on the rough sawn lumber. We liked the finished walls this way better.


Step 4. Pick a Theme & Paint

Your She Shed should be a reflection of who you are. I’m a Modern Country Woman so we chose that theme. But fill it with things you like. That resonate with your spirit. My theme was country with a wrier’s theme.

A fresh coat of paint and floors and the rug ordered from Amazon. $99.



8 year old granddaughter Avah, really got into helping Aunt Christi with my she shed makeover. She rolled the paint on the walls, painted  the chalk board and even made up and wrote  the To Do List. I’ll never erase that side–ever!

Step 5. Reuse, Renew, Repurpose

I just adore the coffee bar area!   Again, I had the table on hand. The tray for the candles was a green and wood color until Christi painted it to match her color scheme for this project. The chalk board was a piece of plexiglass I had stuffed in the garden shed. Three coats of chalk paint with a roller. 


Christi’s son CJ came by to help.  He brought us lunch and offered to hang all the wall decor. Note the Writer’s Theme! I love it. My dream was coming true.
I love the lantern and my late father’s straw  hat hanging on the cabinet that I had picked up  at a yard sale several years back. The candle stands I’ve had  for 20 years and no longer used them.  The candles are none other but Hearth and Hand! Imagine that!

The painted walls turned out perfect. This project  started at 10 AM.  I was sent to the house around 2 PM. when it was decorating time. Just like on Fixer-Upper. My reveal came at 4 PM.  I think my reaction was one of disbelief just like those folks on the show.  It was perfect.   I can’t wait to write my first story at my new work space.

Can you believe Christi  found these comfy chairs with covers on Facebook  Marketplace? They are wonderful. Bright and cheery.   Only $50. When sitting in them, the view out the glass doors into the meadow is unbelievable. So serene.




I dreamed the dream seven years ago, but life got in the way and I never completed it.  Now,  as I  sip my coffee inside Sherry’s She Shed, I like to think this lapsed time was my “incubation” period. Today, was  perfect timing.  I never dreamed it would look  this good.
Its a dream come true. And you’ll want one too! Take a tour. I can’t wait to write my first book from my own little shed.And look at this lovely rug my daughter-in-law, Tina, gave me for Christmas! Love, love, love it!
So Here’s the Thing…Time waits for no man. As Chip Gaines says, “Get after it.” And sometimes when someone or something  nudges you…perhaps its because now, its perfect timing.


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