And the Winner is…

See the Country Woman of the Year 2017 Video Acceptance Speech

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my country living roots here on my  farm would inspire someone to choose me as the winner of such an award. 

I’ve been a country girl since 1962. That’s a long time. When my parents moved us to the farm  I took to it like butter and honey on a buttermilk biscuit. I just loved it. I always have. Well, somedays,  you know sometimes, when the tractor ain’t running right, or the baler isn’t tying and you haven’t eaten since noon, at those particular  moments,  maybe not so much. Lol. But when I lay my head on my pillow and the window is open and there’s a gentle breeze and I can hear the frogs at night and the birds in the morning at sunrise, I know I am right where I want to be: Living in my two story, chock full of antiques farm house, in the middle of a hay field,  cultivating lives here on Cherry Ridge Farms. 

All I can say is,   I can hardly wait for my magazine to arrive in my big yellow mailbox, the one that used to be at my Grandma’s place.   And when it does, I’m going to give a big shout out  to my Dad in heaven  because I know  he would be so proud if he was still here.  Little did he know then, that  moving me to that  first farm in Buford, Ohio   in 1962, chasing his dream,  actually changed the course of my life forever. Thank you Mom and Dad! And especially to  my daughter who believes in me and  nominated me! Also thank you to the wonderful folks at   Country Woman Magazine for a great publication and picking me your 2017 Country Woman of the Year! 

Much love to you all.

Sherry Phillips Mitchell 
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