How I learned to cook.

Did your mom cook like this too? Here is a recipe made today the way I learned to cook. Spoken by expert cooks of old. A little of this and a little of that. Season to taste! 

I love soup. Here’s a hearty stove top homemade soup. Mother made soup often and never had a cookbook on the counter to follow the recipe. It was all in her head.
 Make this hearty soup in less than thirty minutes. True! 


One 32oz. carton chicken broth. Chop a large handful of celery maybe a cup or so. 1/2 of a medium onion sliced in hearty size pieces One handful of carrot chunks, about a cup, not grated, this is meant to be hearty looking. Cook a bit. Maybe ten minutes.Pull chicken meat from a left over Kroger rotisserie chicken.Add. What ever you get is fine. Keep large chunks to look hearty. Cover broth mixture and if you do or don’t want cover with one layer of Amish noodles. No need to stir. Cover and simmer a while. Say 15minutes. 

Buttered bread is real good with this.And a slice of Salt Rising bread toasted is a  favorite! 

So Here’s the thing…I cooked this up with such speed. Remembering how I learned, “a little of this and a little of that, taste. More salt. You did too? This soup was better than any canned product out there. Ready in less than thirty minutes. And, here’s the big benefit, it puts steam in to your home’s  dry winter air. Enjoy! 

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