Peach Dump Cake

Last week I mentioned cooking with my cast-iron cookware and mentioned   a dump cake prepared by the campfire using my cast iron pot better know as a Dutch oven.   What a popular subject. I had a request for my recipe so I dug around to find it.   I was pretty sure I remembered the ingredients, only three but wanted to be sure.   
Now, please don’t stop reading because you don’t do “campfire cooking.” I never did before when I first learned of this cake. But good news is, I have another way for you to make this Dump Cake recipe right in your kitchen and it requires no fire I assure you!
I remember being gifted this original recipe with an introduction to this yummy dish from Missy Goldsberry,  mom to  one of our riding students at our farm, Cherry Ridge, a long time back; seven or eight years ago.   When she heard me talking about my learning to cook over the campfire, not just hamburgers and hotdogs, but I was sautéing vegetables and baking potatoes and doing breakfast too, though my biscuits were a bit hard on the bottom, she shared this recipe with me.  She went on to encourage me to try her family’s dump cake that she had just made for a gathering we had down by the creek. It was tasty.    I was intrigued.  So,  I did try it the next weekend. In those days, we didn’t actually go away to camp. At the time, we had a camper set up along the creek side with a nice campfire ring. We were usually grubbing a fencerow or something exciting like that pretending we were away camping! We’d go back to the camper for our meals where I was learning campfire cooking. At night, after watching the stars for a while and hearing the coyotes in the distance, we’d often times ( most always)  just head back to our comfy bed only a mile away—camping at its finest.
When I made it myself in the cast iron as Missy instructed,  I impressed myself in not scorching it by cooking it on all sides, by rotating it ½ way through. My gosh it is so moist and “gooey” just how I like cakes. I learned recently, too, that you could easily do this in a crockpot. Yep!  A bit less fuss than the campfire so this might be how you’ll enjoy my recipe. If you add a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream, serve it in a lovely dish you’ll think your eating in a fancy restaurant.  Pull out a pint size canning jar or a coffee cup to serve it in and you’ll think your camping!  It a 2017 winter’s delight! Try it. Let me know if you do and send me pictures. I like hearing from you.
1 Large Can of Peaches in Syrup
1 Box Yellow Cake Mix
1 Stick of Butter
Spray or grease crock-pot. Layer ingredients—peaches, cake mix and slice butter up and cover the top.  DO NOT STIR.  Cover with lid.  Cook on high for 2 hours.
If you like to multi task, this way is for you. Do a load of laundry, cook supper; go to the store, its called multi-tasking! Ha!
So Here’s the thing…Crockpots are a wonderful addition to any kitchen and for making this dump cake. If you choose to do a little campfire cooking, you might want to line your pan with foil for easy clean up. Then nestle your Dutch oven up close to the fire for about an hour. Turning occasionally to cook evenly. 

It is delicious warm with ice cream, whip topping or as my late father would have liked, with  heavy cream drizzled over the top.  And, if you don’t like peaches that much, use apples. Would it be good with pineapple? Hmmn, I might be trying that next. Enjoy.

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