Happy Birth-Date August 28th Tasha Tudor

Remembering the life of Tasha Tudor with Tea Time

I have been fortunate enough to have visited the Tasha Tudor home two times.  Each visit was a wish come true. 

The first time, we made the trip, we didn’t get to go inside her home, but no matter, just being there was a wish come true. Sadly, though, I didn’t get to see Tasha  Tudor on my first tour, nor my second. She had passed away before  I could make arrangements to schedule a garden tour. 
On our second tour, we were blessed to be able  to go inside  her home.  Inside, it is  just as you see  in her  paintings. Seeing her small painting table (left just as if she had walked away for a cup of tea) was worth the price of admission. The family, you know,  does us a wonderful favor in keeping her place “alive” and open for all of us fans to visit. The money for admission helps with the upkeep of her home.  
Because I love her work and the Corgi dogs, my husband saw my love for them and blessed me with my first Corgi on  a surprise road trip with grandchildren in tow eight years ago.  We named our first   Howard Lee Blue. We went on to raise many litters of Corgis since then, giving many families the “gift of Corgi.”  Howard  and his mate are now enjoying their retirement   on the  farm, enjoying our front porch ramblings here at Cherry Ridge.

Just the other day, my seven year old granddaughter  gave our two Corgis a much needed  bath. It delighted me  to no end when she said, “I used the tub in the Tasha Tudor bathroom.”  For those who follow me, you know I did a total bathroom makeover using fabric, prints  and photos from Tasha’s world. It’s my daily dose of inspiration! 

A Corgi Puppy 

So Here’s the Thing…If you love Tasha, her life  and her picture books, give yourself the best gift of all––visit Boston, go to the ocean and drive to Marlboro, Vermont  to take a tour. (Tickets usually go on sale in February and sell out quickly.) You will thoroughly enjoy it, but should  you want to go and not find a way to make it happen, then you  will regret living your whole life, never fulfill your dream of doing so. 

Thank you for the gift of Tasha Tudor.  May we all aspire to follow our dreams like Tasha did. 

Visit their newly renovated website for Tasha Tudor

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