Heaven Sent Birthday Wish to Tasha Tudor

Wow! Do  you know who was born on  August 28, 1915, one hundred years ago? It’s a very special child, but who knew back then.   Who would have known the impact she would have on  so many with her wonderful old-fashioned,  New England style living. Who knew that her  pressing apples, dipping candles, weaving cloth, painting pictures, milking goats and filling her family’s lives with so many traditions would be loved by so many. And then, best of all, she shared all of these things in her wonderful pictures  and her books for those with a kindred spirit  to love. And love them we do. Especially, I love the Corgis because of her.   Happy 100th birthday (August 28, 1915 – June 18, 2008) in heaven Tasha Tudor.   You still  inspire me to this day. Your legacy lives on.   
I made these Tasha Tudor biscuits today and they are fabulous. Takes only 10 minutes to mix up, cut out and 10 minutes  to bake. No preservatives. Natural.  The recipe is from  her Tasha Tudor Cookbook. I love the recollections she shares with each recipe along with her sketches.
 I smothered these extra large, three inch size biscuits  with sausage-gravy. Did I say, YUMMY?

So Here’s the Thing: If you are reading this, you may not be famous by any standard but you are leaving a legacy for your family. What is your legacy? What will they remember?  Give that some thought today, cause as the song says, sung by Randy Travis,  Its not what you take when you leave this world behind you,  its what you leave behind you when you go. Well done Tasha!


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