My 1993 Poem Written for Mother on Mother’s Day

Me and Daughter Christi celebrating
Mom’s 80th birthday! 
To Mother on Mother’s Day 1993
The Image in the Mirror
I looked in the mirror this morning and was surprised to see, my mother’s little girl was grownup-not tall, and didn’t look much like her little girl at all.
Some time during the night, baby crows had stamped their feet near her eyes, and there were gray hairs, and meandering lines.
The face in the mirror was blank as it stared back at me, while my mind rolled back through the years to days when I was in my mother’s care.
Now I was able to understand her quick temper, her frustration, her trials and tribulations.
There are days when I long for her gentle hand tickling my small face, or her happy smile, loving me the best way she knew how.
Every daughter swears it on one day or another; “I’ll not be like her when I become the mother.”
But as time passes quickly through the years, and daughters rear babes of their own, every daughter realizes-and only then, that the best mother is probably their own.
Now, I graciously see more clearly, as I never did before, that the image in the mirror looks like mother more and more.  
Love, Sherry Phillips Mitchell 1993.   
And with this I wish a Happy Mother’s Dayto all, especially my own, for without moms that  give us the gift of life, none would be here at all.

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