A Birthday to Remember

Contemplation: The act of contemplating.

What a wonderful day I had yesterday………. it being my birthday and all. What made it wonderful? What made it extra special?

I wasn’t expecting a big “ta-do” for my birthday, but what I got was even better. I don’t need elaborate parties to make my life complete. I can take a stroll through the woods, watch the birds in the tree tops, pause near the creek’s edge to listen  to the magical music of  water rippling over the rocks in the creek bed, and my day is blessed already.

 This year, same as past, I contemplate, especially on this day, thanking  the heavens above that I have made it thus far.   Every day is truly a gift, is it not? It is the greatest gift of all, the present  and I had already received this when I opened my eyes.  I already had my present didn’t? I think it is termed being grateful. 

A time to reflect,  to celebrate life, your everyday birthday present. 

 For me, my birthday,  is a time to reflect and evaluate my past year’s life,  and my up to the  present, asking myself if,  I am on track with my dreams or I have I been derailed by busyness?  I like being on track, being fulfilled, heading in the direction of my dreams, not feeling like something is missing or out of balance with my life. Truly,  one’s life shouldn’t feel out-of-balance like a wobbly washing machine that has been overloaded. Rather it should feel like a well oiled machine.  I like striving for that, and I like  simplicity for sure. I know this about myself and am okay with it.  

Simplify, Thoreau wrote. I love this one solitary word. 
As my  birthday unfolded, I was very much surprised, however, when  farmer boy (my husband) took me for a surprise birthday gift. We stopped at Wrights Country Store in Mt. Orab. He had asked them to order my present,  an egg-incubator and a pair of muck boots because mine have too many miles on them and are worn out. 

Life is precious! Celebrate the gift. 

He sure surprised me. I had no idea, but it made me happy, happy, and happy. And before this I had lunch with my mom and later, supper with some of my children. (Sounds like I have to or more. Not only three.) And I have more to celebrate, this weekend, with my other children who couldn’t make it.  “Plain and simple”, some might say if they were to read this, perhaps boring,  but to me, it was the best kind of a plain and simple day I know, and “just what the lady ordered” as my mother-in-law would have said. Why?

 So here’s the Thing: What made it a wonderful birthday stroll?  Probably the surprises given along the way. The unexpected.   What made it special? Most definitely, them making over me. ( In this instance I love being in the spotlight.)  And, okay, I admit the many Facebook messages, (this being our  modern day birthday cards less the postage) were sweet, especially when received from  people I don’t see often, all wishing me a happy day and one phone message left by a friend singing me a B-Day song. Plus, the practical gifts (because I am of the practical nature, mostly) being the incubator/boots. Then an unexpected,  priceless heirloom gift I received from my mom, and  just being able to celebrate yet, another birthday with her. And also, celebrating myself for the many years I have  lived and loved on this earth already. So it is for me, the simple, unexpected things that are truly the dearest after all. Be grateful, I can assure you  it pays dividends. 

 Take Joy!

Thank you for making it special!

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