Is Winter a time for Reflection?

Winter is here in Ohio……..

 Winter is here in Ohio though it isn’t officially displayed on our calendar until December 21. Do you know that winter can be a great time for personal reflection?  I like this time of year not only because of Christmas but  because, the present  year is winding down on the calendar. I reflect on my past year’s progress.  Most of those reflections are good ones. Some are fantastic.  Some of those reflections not nearly as good as I had hoped for and some of those reflections I see,  I just don’t want to repeat again,  for one,  or many reasons.

For me, the best part of this time of year, Winter,  is that as this year ends,  we have a brand new year ahead, if we are so lucky and blessed to participate in it. This past year, I had a time of deep reflection when I had a pancreatic cancer  scare. After three weeks of waiting to repeat the CT scan to know if it was indeed cancer, or side effects from the  medicine I was prescribed the month prior, I had twenty-one days of waiting.  During this period,  I did a whole lot of reflecting on my life past and present. I was  relieved when they said the test results showed  I did not have cancer. Three weeks is a long time when waiting for news like this.  Whew!  So here’s the thing: During this reflective time,  once more,  I connected  with this prescription for daily living that I wish to  share with you. This is not a new prescription, these are not new lessons, they are lessons repeated again and again,  sometimes lost or forgotten, and then rediscovered  again.

Wishing you a very special , reflective kind of Holiday!

  • Don’t take life so seriously, you never know when it will be over. 
  • Love is the key to everything, do it for love’s sake.
  •  Don’t be so hard on yourself. 
  • Simplify,discard things that are not harmonious to your spirit.
  • We all are on a journey we have never traveled before.  Be forgiving to yourself and your fellow man, especially your family. 

I look forward to Christmas, a second chance for mankind and a reminder to give and forgive. The promise of the  new year ahead is a mental image for me to “erase the chalk board” and start afresh with much thanksgiving that I have the gift of  starting a new  Chapter in my Book of Life in the new year ahead.

Take Joy!

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  1. Oh my Sherry!! What a scare, but I'm so glad that it came back negative!! Love your words and you're so right! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!


  2. Thank You Mary. Here's to a wonderful Christmas to you too and the best kind of New Year too.


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