Handmade Christmas 2013-Handmade Votive Cups

Christmas and candles seem to go hand-in-hand for the holiday season, since the lighting of the first Christmas tree. This is my first time contributing to a series. For the  Handmade  Christmas 2013  I have assembled a handmade  votive cup using  scrap materials that  I have collected  or  purchased cheaply  at yard sales. The glass ware I am using for my votive cups was  damaged and I might just as easily have thrown it away but now it is re-purposed. 
To get started
Things you will need : scraps of notions/decorations, hot glue gun, a votive container of your choice, votive candle.
All year long
I buy miscellaneous stuff.  Then I place them in a basket along with my glue gun supplies for future projects. 
Select a container
For my container I re-purposed a cut glass tumbler that has a huge chip on the rim  which ruins its antique value and its use.   I didn’t want to pitch it so now it makes a perfect homemade votive cup for this post and the candle will look good shining through the cut glass pattern.  

Next select  decorations
from your scraps that  you would like to accessorize with. Lay out your favorites and then decide if they will work as you want them too or not. Having a theme helps you narrow down your choices. Once decided, attach your selections using a hot glue gun.  

Glue your favorite trim to your votive cup container.   To hide my tumbler’s chip, I glued trim around the sides and also on top of the rim concealing the chip and the glue I could see from the first application.   Place the glue on the trim.  It cools too quickly on the glass. Press lightly so as not to ooze the glue out and burn your fingers like I did at first. 
Next glue on  the ornamentation you would like to apply. 
I chose a gold grape cluster and cut a small flower from a flower stem that I liked and thought it went well. I also  made another one using the “silver and gold” theme. 

 I also made this Angel Votive Cup  at the same time using an etched stemware goblet that I paid ten-cents for at a yard sale. Here’s the results.


Find a gift box, as most people won’t have a container to store this wonderful, unique, fragile, handmade  gift.  Add  some tissue paper and attach a handmade note and include the date. And there  you have it. You  just created your Handmade Christmas Votive Cup, a   masterpiece and a one of a kind gift. Very hard to give away cause you like it so much!

Take Joy!

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  1. I love this and the idea of repurposing cups I have thrown away in the past! Thank you for linking up on the Handmade Christmas!! 🙂 I'm posting this to FB too!


  2. Thank you Mary. This really put me in the Christmas spirit. I didn't mention to use seasonal flavors of votive candles. an added bonus when burning.


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