Crazy Cake Fun

Baking a Crazy Cake with Avah Lee!

I asked for  the following  recipe from a dear  friend years ago. She recited it over the phone from memory. I jotted it down in 1991 noted on my recipe card.   We have baked it numerous times over the years and all my grandchildren have had their turn with  “hands in the pan experience.”

 I think once you try it,  you will want to do the same. Kids love using their hands.  A spoon could be used. But not so much fun. 
    The late, Helen Lodwick, was a well known Brown County, Ohio  4-H Advisor. She was mine back in the day  and later my children.  We first tasted her fabulous  cake at  our  1991 Silver Spurs 4-H Christmas Party.  
We were intrigued not only by the delicious, rich, chocolate flavor, but by the  heavy, moistness of the cake, just the way we like it,  and especially  by its recommended preparation:  “Use your  hands to mix it up,” she told us. “Kids love it,” she smiled brightly.   She was right. Kids love it. And why wouldn’t they? It is such a memory maker.  And I love a heavy, moist chocolate cake all day long! 
The best part of making this recipe  is this, well maybe eating it is the best part, is how it can introduce kids baking  and to do a fun thing together, that they won’t soon  forget. 

Most of the time we say, “Keep your hands out of it. No licking, stop that,”   but with this recipe, we say, “Go ahead, put your hands in it.” (Wash them first of course.) As you can see,  Avah’s  surprise  comes from the sensation of having her hands in the mix.  
Through the years, we have made this fabulous cake countless  times. Each time we remember Helen. I see the sparkle in her eye and the smile on her face once again. 
This recipe is an  egg-less cake and  using vinegar and baking soda for leavening. But not to fear, the vinegar isn’t noticeable.  It is a very heavy, moist cake.  You can  sprinkle powder sugar on it, add  a glob of icing (warm it in the microwave if using store bought)  as pictured, or just as my late father liked  his chocolate cakes, hot right from the oven, with just a pat of butter on top.  Either way it is crowd pleasing. 
Hope you enjoy it with someone special in your life.

Take Joy

With a dollop of icing or
Or a pat of butter on a warm piece right out of the oven!
Right Click the recipe card then print or save to your computer.

Helen Lodwick’s Crazy Cake 1991

The recipe as I jotted it down in 1991 while
Helen recited it to me over the phone.
She knew the recipe by heart.

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  1. Sherry, the cake looks so delicious!! I printed out a copy for myself to try very soon!! 🙂


  2. Mary, you will love it. And it is so fun with the children. Your daughter will especially love it.


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