Do you have a motivation station?

Photo: Sherry's new toy!!!
My newest work toy on Cherry Ridge! 

This week  on the farm, we  purchased a new to us  work toy. We have finally acquired a tractor with a front-end loader. We have wanted one for so long.  Now you might think, so what? But if there is one thing I have learned in my  lifetime  it is this: The correct tools make all the difference in the world and more. And there are some valuable guidelines you can learn from this too.

By purchasing the long awaited,  stipulated tractor- one with a front-end loader, preferably 4-wheel drive, within our budget, preferably diesel   and new enough to not be a fix-and repair daily project, we achieved our goal. It took patience, which you know I run short on most of the time.  I  found  it listed on Craig’s List Friday evening and we purchased it by noon on Saturday, only  because we had done our homework and knew a good buy when we saw it and didn’t procrastinate. A lot of guidelines in there isn’t there? We got all of them in this tractor purchase plus some additional equipment.

 I love something new, and this farm girl loves farm stuff,  seriously. This tractor has already motivated me into action.  Yes, often times I lack motivation. Do you ever? Motivation is the driving force for doing something. Motivation makes things exciting. Motivation gets one out of bed before the sun and motivation keeps one’s mind turning well into the night with excitement. It may not be a tractor with a front-end loader that you need for motivation  but what might it be?

My latest DIY project.  Orange must excite our Corgi, Petey.  He is running crazily. 

A thumb through one of Tasha Tudor books, or viewing one of  her DVD’s motivates me every time.     Magazines motivate me too. So do blogs. The key is to identify your motivation-station. I could stay at the “station” too long and never get anything done. I try to save those inside motivators for rainy days. But sometimes one must get a dose of motivation when needed. Like CPR, raining or not.    

Because of my new motivator, I accomplished yet another DIY project, like the manure spreader I painted to match another tractor we own,  I posted the picture on Sherry Mitchell-Farm Girl Facebook,. This time it was spray painting our rusty bush-hog  to match our orange tractor.  While waiting until the next day for the paint to dry before I could use it,   I scooped up some dirt in my front loader  for my raised beds in the garden. Quick and easy. The right tools do just that. Make work quick and easy. Believe me I know.

 The next day, I  hooked up my matching hog and mowed  around the horse barns. I also knocked down some ruts and put the dirt around the automatic water. On my way out of the barn lot, I  then scooped up some rotted manure for the garden. Took about 15 seconds to scoop. Time saver. As you know a shovel would have taken more time.

 The fall weather was gorgeous, the sky so  blue, my heart happy   and I know I was smiling out loud if you know what I mean. Still I was  wishing Dad was still  here to see this and share the excitement. He always loved farming and a good  tractor buy.  In my heart I believe he was watching me and smiling too, giving me a thumbs-up.  And I gave him a thumbs-up too,  just so he would know, I know.

So here’s the thing: Get the right tools as soon as you are financially able to do so saving time and also making the task easier.  Getting something new can be a source of motivation, a real time saver  but a real downer if you really don’t need it  or it isn’t what you really needed.  Write your stipulations down so you know when you have found exactly what you want.  And girls,  if it starts with a key, better  hide the key, or your significant other  will be running to the barn to get to the tractor before you. “Looking for this dear? Here, let me start it for you.”  LOL.

Take Joy!

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