My Modified Tasha Tudor Celelbration Cake

Raspberry Delight
After seeing the cake made at Tasha Tudor and Family  to celebrate Tasha’s 98th birthday, I was craving a slice and hoping  they post the recipe soon so I could make it.
 But I am impatient so  I decided, Why not! I am creative so I improvised a bit and made a very tasty one indeed.
I only made a single layer, so I used  1/2 box yellow cake mix.  Measure and divide the dry ingredients and all other ingredients except the egg, I use two.  I split the layer in half and spread a mixture of cream cheese and raspberry jelly whipped up and spread between the layers.
I frosted with  cream cheese frosting, very graciously,  warmed slightly in the microwave so it would run down the sides and topped it with my homegrown raspberries like they did.  I chilled it upon the insistence of my youngest son who tasted it just completed.  “It  needs to be chilled,” he said. So I did. He was right, even better chilled and with all the cream cheese you should keep chilled.
And here’s my short version of my  Raspberry Delight Cake.And now I must put on the tea kettle.
Take Joy!

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