My Daily Dose of Tasha Tudor Inspiration

Just last week I received an e-mail reminder that August 28th would have been Tasha Tudor’s birthday; she would have been 98. Her life and her “pictures”  are  such an inspiration  to many around the world.  

Those at Tasha Tudor and Family  didn’t know what  I was creating here at home   with my recent orders placed from their online store.  I was not only thinking about her upcoming August birthday, a special day to Tudor Fans,  but I  was busy working on a home decorating, makeover project that was inspired by Tasha’s works and will give me a  dose of Tasha inspiration throughout the year.  

My Tasha Tudor Inspiration unfolds like  this: 
Earlier this month, I purchased three, lovely yard-good pieces, five-yards total from the online store at Tasha Tudor and Family.  The fabric, I must say is of very good quality and easy to work with.  And most importantly, it is printed with Tasha’s art work as the fabric’s design. So what did I do with the yard-goods? Well, truth is,  in the middle of a make-over, decorating  project,  I didn’t know what theme to use. Previously it was horses and it might very well have stayed that until inspiration took hold of me while visiting her website.  I love being inspired don’t you?  Inspiration  is why I love magazines. A monthly or bi-monthly dose of inspiration, delivered to your mailbox is the best or a visit to a favored website or blog  will do it too. 

 With that being said, I  share my very inspirational makeover  as I Remember Tasha not only in August but through the upcoming  year.

First, I painted the walls   a beautiful new color, Honey Beige.
I stumbled upon this quote that Tasha liked and transferred it to the wall.  
At the paint store, I remember,  simply walking up to the paint chip display and immediately picking the color that drew my eye to it first.   This color seems to be an old –fashioned, maze color used on many old antique furniture pieces and often old house wood work. So is it any wonder I was drawn to it?  I love most everything from  the  1850’s era.   

Now that the walls were painted, I was still trying to decide  a theme.   Usually you have all those things picked out ahead of time but I didn’t until  visiting their online  store. Un-be-known st to me, Inspiration was concocting a grand scheme that would jump out and inspire me.  
 I find inspiration, like many of you, from Tasha’s life, being a woman that lived her dream among the things she loved and drew pictures of them, and  now available as fabric too.   

A Child’s Garden of Verses:Woodland Toile.  

Under the  New Items! tab I found this  fabric  A Child’s Garden of Verses  from her artwork.   Right then, I thought what can I make with this ? as viewing fabric provokes such thoughts to any one who sews.  I know I thought a shower curtain for my guest bath makeover.  Why not!  
Gingham, Twig and Woodland Toile  from the Child’s Garden of Verses available in many colors. 
I selected then  purchased my choice of three patterns as shown above.   I  had recently dusted off  my  sewing machine, which I had  taken to the repair shop to have a new belt put on- but the repairman said,  “The belt is fine,  it just needed  oiled and used. It was very sluggish from non-use,” he urged me, to sew again. 
Imagine that.  Once-up-on-a-time I used to sew a lot, then very little, then not at all, not even mending. And now, after completing this project, I think I have found a “resurgence of such.” I love being creative, don’t you?
I ordered a Wall Box not knowing what
I might use it for. This is made by Seth. 

And my inspiration guest bathroom, now complete  is so inspiring. Every day, I am reminded of  a widely admired woman who followed her dream; staying steadfast to the course.  I suppose there where  bumps-in the-roads and hiccups along the way but isn’t that true for all of us. 

Hand Towels

 I am now  Enjoying my daily dose of inspiration , and I will be one of many, pausing on the 28th to Remember the Life of Tasha Tudor by brewing a cup of her  loose leaf  Welsh Breakfast Tea  and thanking her family for all they do to keep us in touch and inspired! 

As always,
Take Joy!

Enjoy the pictures below to inspire your own makeover and let me know what project you did yourself. 

Shower curtain with liner behind it.
Bottom edging.

It is so easy to sew  fabric on towels, you can do it by hand stitching or by machine.

Happy Birthday Tasha, August 28th

Tasha felt Laura in the Snow was one of her best works. 

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  1. Natalie says:

    You're right, we didn't know what you were up to, but I LOVE it. Looks so great, Sherry! Perhaps I might be able to feature your fine work in our next Fans & Friends post on Rookery Ramblings? I would also like to post a link to this post on our Facebook page if you wouldn't mind 🙂 Please let me know via email. I'm so glad Tasha gave you a bit of inspiration! ~Natalie from Tasha Tudor and Family


  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Sherry, I enjoyed this post and the one about your visit to Tasha's house. I was able to go to last year's house and garden tour in June. Could you tell me which store you stumbled upon that quote? Your guest bathroom is a lovely tribute to Tasha Tudor. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  3. Hi Cathy, Thanks for the nice words. I have had it hanging on my refrigerator for a while. I will think on it, but seriously, I think it may have been a dollar store. I was so surprised when I saw it unexpectedly but of course had to buy it. If I remember I will post it for you and others as well.


  4. Oh my gosh. Just perfect. Love all you did. Clarice


  5. Thank you! Hoping that inspires your inner creative self.


  6. Heather says:

    what a beautifully done bathroom! Love all the corgis 🙂


  7. This is GREAT! I have shared a link to the post on The Daily Corgi's facebook page. It would be great to feature your work (and pet Corgis) on The Daily Corgi blog sometime. E-mail me if interested:


  8. Thank you Heather. Sorry for the delayed response. I have the sewing machine oiled up now so other projects are bouncing around in my head!


  9. Thank You for sharing. Corgis are our \”kids\” and we enjoy them so much as your all your readers do.


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