The King and Queen Dine Together

Carrots, Green Peppers, Zucchini, Green Beans, Onions, Yellow Squash and Tomato
The  weather here in Ohio was rain, rain, rain. Then it became dry, dry, dry. It enabled us to get our hay baled and in the barn.  We finally watered my garden, though it  isn’t all I had hoped it would be by now, but then, surprisingly it became  more than enough and then some I learned, by preparing   this wonderful meal  that my husband Jeff and I picked from the garden then cooked up together! 
Enjoy my picture recipe and my life lesson learned from the farm.  
Green Beans 
Saute until tender but not mushy. 
Our first yellow squash of the season.
Green Peppers & Onions for flavor. 
Now this is the best, a real beefy Brandywine tomato. OMG
What a meal. Picked  from my farm garden! Totally blessed  my Heart.

So here’s the thing: I was feeling disappointed with my garden. Why? Because, while we were out yard-saleing last weekend, we drove by a garden that was  prolifically growing and manicured beyond measure that  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was one  you might expect to see in a magazine, not in one’s neighborhood, or so I thought.  I felt disappointment   back at  home when I looked at mine in  comparison.   But remember this, it is not good to covet; Wanting what others have. It is best to be thankful in all things. So I gave thanks, picked our  produce, asked Jeff to put a couple steaks on the grill, and we became chefs, chattering and sipping  our Oliver Soft Red Wine. Once  complete,  my husband  and I dined as if we were  king and queen of Cherry Ridge Farms! And you know what, we are. 

Take Joy!

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