Where Have You Been?

Oh my goodness. I kept procrastinating until I finally made myself  get back on the computer to post to my  blog what has been going on here at Cherry Ridge.   Where does the time go? How can it go by so quickly?

This past month has been a whirl-wind of activity. Springtime, here on the farm  is always a busy time for me as I prepare for the public-school,  farm-visits for our Outdoor Classroom Ecological Field Trips for 2nd grade level. I  have been prepping and planting what I can in  the  garden, setting out blueberry plants and onion sets and just this past weekend we even planted  sugar corn.   Hope it makes it. The asparagus just poked its head through the ground two days ago.

Oh, and to encourage myself that spring was closer and closer, whenever the temperatures where 50 degrees or above, I hung out clothes on the my clothes line.  See the grass isn’t even green here like it is now.

You don’t have to hang everything out. Do like I do,
Just the sheets, towels and jeans! Simple!

As you know,  we all now have  grass to mow, and I love to do that. Always have.  The fresh cut grass smells wonderful and as I look at our farmhouse while mowing all around it I smile with memories of how far we have come.  We planted our two story farmhouse  right in the middle of a hay field. It sure doesn’t look like a hay field anymore. We put a lot of work into it.

 And, when I raised the cover on my cold frame yesterday,

Wintered over from last year. 

I was astonished. Spinach 6 inches high and lettuce nearly as big. I got to cut it and eat it tonight. .

I am the last pick. I am a male.  

And more importantly, we have been tending to a litter of Corgi Puppies born in February. They leave to their new homes this week. We also have  three other Corgis as well.  In other words, it is Corgiville here at Cherry Ridge.  Aren’t these Corgis beautiful! Five years ago Jeff took me on a road trip,  which I had no idea it was to buy my first Corgi .
It proved to be one of the best  Valentine presents of the decade.
I have been in love with Corgis ever since.This year, we have puppies going to Baltimore, Indiana, Cincinnati and maybe North Carolina!

So to say the least it has been busy here on the farm. And as soon as Outdoor Classrooms wraps up the end of May, we will be found in the hay fields and planting the corn fields all for the horses at the stable.
Oh and did I mention that my 4 new Barred-Rock pullets have all started laying! Yipee! Lots of eggs. And we have a litter of baby bunnies.  Love it.

It is a busy time of year, but farm seasons are full of certain projects:  But here’s the thing: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, he that doesn’t work, doesn’t (shouldn’t) eat.  So stop right now and give thanks to  God that you are alive, (still have your vision to be able to read this) and that you can work. Work IS a good thing, truly! 

Take Joy!

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