Pack up the thermal underwear

Can you believe it? 

Looky, looky. If  hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have second guessed my husband’s comment, “It feels pretty good outside.”  The temperature is rising and I was so surprised when I went outside to feed the chickens and rabbits and saw,  fifty-five degrees.  

I then fed the critters and went on to check my two newest raised bed cold frames.  
I have since filled them with some manure, top soil and some sand. 

Since this picture below, I now have them filled and covered and hope to plant them soon.   
 I have 6″ broccoli plants from my windowsill greenhouse project that are   ready to plant! 
Built by me, two  boxes made for two  more cold frames/raised beds.
Ok, Jeff, I hear  you. You did cut them to length with your chain saw, but  I specified what I wanted.
I put them together. Ok. It was a team effort.

Here’s my goal:St. Patrick’s Day Planting 

March 17th, St. Patrick’s day is a mental calendar for me. It  is a tradition to plant your  potatoes, onions and peas,  as well as many other “cole” crops, (proper)  but  we always say, “cold crops” cause it is still a little chilly and cold,  most as a rule. But truly, we have been able to work the ground one day around this date to get some seeds in the ground without fail. 
 But the fact of the matter is, Spring is right around the corner so pack up those thermal underwear and wash the Carhart coveralls and begin packing  them away; well maybe you should wait, like April to  be sure to pack the last of them up.  You know how the weather here in Ohio can be  so unpredictable. Happy Planting! Plant a pot full or a small raised bed in the side yard or a small plot tilled up behind the house……… know what I mean?  

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