If at first you don’t succeed…..Here’s what you do.

Can you believe my lettuce in my Windowsill Greenhouse! 

What I learned from this

Planted Burpee Organic seeds in late January. Posted it. 

Buying Organic Seeds 

Remember,…..Seeds came up quickly, but  became leggy.

 Solutions: Need more light.

Added organic fertilizer: Ground up chicken poop the label says!
 If I had read the label to know this is what it is,
  I could have cleaned  out the hen house and saved $8. Note to self.
The fertilizer smell was pungent. Had to crack the window on the other side of the room.
 Adding  a grow “lamp” fixed the leggy plants. 

Growing! Growing! Growing.

 Before Picture: Note my “grow light” Nothing fancy or expensive.
Just an ordinary  lamp left on 24 hours.
Southern window exposure.  Get this. I did not, have a damping off
where the plants die at the soil surface. 


Started Plucking lettuce leaves for sandwiches.
Warmed my heart to be able to  do so, more so because I conquered.  

Salads from January garden, yummy!

 The  one above was plucked  from my  cold frame in the winter.
Can you believe it? I have to blink twice to believe it myself.  It is winter time and I still  have some lettuce and spinach in the cold frame.  Truly! I have gardened all year round.  I opened the lid to my cold frame to take a peek  and now that the days are getting longer and we have had a little warmth, the spinach looks to be growing again  and twice its size. (Going to make homemade bread and cream of spinach soup receipts from Tasha Tudor’s cook book.)
Watch for it

So if at first you don’t succeed………..(my mother always told us that) remember this 

Last year,  I told Mary,  Homegrown on the Hill, blogger,  a gal  I worked with and loved sharing  tid-bits about farming and progress notes about  our windowsill plant growing, that I was not going to waste my time  starting plants indoors next year. “I like growing things in the cold frame, much easier, ” I told her, only because  my indoor plants usually withered and died and didn’t grow as expected.
  But this year, I saw those seeds in Wal-Mart and I couldn’t resist to start growing something. So I planted some seeds.   This time, with an I can do this attitude. I made some stategic changes, cause you know the quickest way to insanity is to keep doing what you’ve been a doing and expect different results. So  I chose a different location and read up on the growing  requirements, added chicken poop, a lamp   and look at my results……….

my try, try again…..paid off. 

 Makes me Happy, happy, happy. But you know what? It really isn’t so much about the plants, the lettuce,  the  salads and such, is it?  I think it is really about me conquering a previous  failure and not giving up. Well, okay, it is also about having a salad from my garden and bosting about gardening year round,  too. Icing on the cake, as they say!

So here’s the thing: 

Don’t give up, don’t give in,  get over it and try it again. This time, unlike the time before,  you just might hit your  mother-lode!

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  1. I still haven't planted any lettuce yet! But I did get my cold frame out last weekend, even though it's still too wet. Thank you so much for the blog plug! 🙂


  2. I have my greenhouse up and two more cold frames I am going to plant sow seeds very soon….I hope.


  3. That's great! We've talked about building a greenhouse this summer but idk how quickly we'll get one up!


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