“Buy Local” so the locals stay in business.

Wheat a hearty staple can be grown in the garden and ground for flour

I just came back from the mailbox and joyfully sat down with a cup of coffee and my  Mother Earth News Magazine. In other words, as you can imagine,  I was in heaven. As I turned each page, I  made mental notes of things I want to do here on the farm,  that  I was reading about,  particularly about homemade bread.     One of those things, that popped into my head again, was that I would like  to plant my own small patch of wheat, grind my own flour and make a loaf of homemade bread from it.  I don’t know why that entices me,  other than it will be 100% organic and I want the life experience of it.I don’t know if it is something I will every want to do again or a one time thing, but life goes by fast. So why not  just do it.

With that in mind, I wondered where would I find organic wheat seed?   You know I am trying to Go Organic, whenever possible. My mind was planning to Google that later, however, as I turned a few more  pages, of course, Mother Earth has an advertisement  for a place to buy my wheat seed.

The ad read: Wheat Montana offering GMO- Free and Certified Chemical-Free Grain. Perfect, I thought.  I would order seed from them.  Then I reminded myself  that I really like to do business locally, whenever possible.  Later,  I saw on Wheat Montana’s  website that you could find a local dealer. Yes! Wonderful! I was so excited and awe struck when  I found connections  in Hillsboro, Wilmington and Peebles, Ohio, carrying their products,   all within an hour’s drive from our farm.

Wheat Montana Farms Bakery and Deli

As I checked out Sycamore Tree General Store’s website, Wilmington, Ohio,  I saw that they stock many other things I like  too: Natural, Healthy Products for Home, Farm & Garden. I was already mentally planning  this farm girl’s fun-day,  road- trip. Next week I’ll invite  Mom  and we’ll visit the store and get my wheat seed and have lunch and make an afternoon of it. I was so excited about my find, that I thought you too might want to know about them or make a visit so I prepared this post and  included  the connection to  Sycamore Tree General Store. 

However, before I posted it, before I hit publish,  something internally told me, before you do, better check them out first, make sure they are in business.   No problem, I’ll just give them a call and ask directions.  But when I tried their phone number,  I got a not-in-service message. My heart sank. Natural, Healthy Products for Home, Farm & Garden.  not in business anymore? Why in the world are they not? Did they not get enough business from their locals?  Their  website says it  is down for construction yet I was still able to view an old  web page that even priced out the cost of a 50 pound bag of wheat seed. Go figure.

Maybe, just maybe,  they only use a cell phone now and the phone number listed was a land line which most people don’t use anymore, anyway.  Maybe a new number  will come up when the website is up and running again.  Or are they truly out-of-business? 
 I sent them an e-mail, days ago,  hopefully they  will respond and my road-trip will be back on.    For now, I will continue to try and  find a local that  I can purchase  a small amount of organically grown wheat seed.  
It is good to know that  I can order  from Wheat Montana. I  can do that, I know,  but I would rather stay true to my “buy local” so the locals stay in business.   Should  you know of a local business,  please comment and let me know. 

PS. My Google  search found me yet another website that I fell in love with for everything organic, wheat seed and more.  Since I am striving to grow organic, Grow Organic  offers natural products to combat weeds and bugs too. A gardener’s biggest folly. Hope you too find what you are looking for.

Grow Organic

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  1. Have you tried looking into the Amish stores in Adams county? I know Millers has a big bulk store that you buy different types of flour. They may sell seed there too, I'm not sure, but definately something to ck out!


  2. Thanks Mary, No I didn't think of them, I was too disappointed with the other dead-end to think outside of the box! I was so wanting to go visit Sycamore Tree. Would like to call Miller's first, but the Amish don't use telephones yet do they? Oh, well. A road trip up there to find out if they do, or if they don't, might be fun anyway.Thanks again for the tip.


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