Harvesting in January? What is Kale?

This kale has been growing non-stop since 2012. 

Thanks Jennifer for sharing the recipe found for Kale. I have Kale growing in the garden and it is January! I know, your thinking, that cannot be, but it is so.   I didn’t plant it, all I can figure is  it was in the spring mix lettuce seeds, which has a variety of lettuces. Anyway, it is January and I picked a grocery sack full and sent it to one of my husband’s co-workers who was eager to get it.

Growing up, Mom would occasionally fix mustard or collard greens. I remember she would sprinkle it with vinegar. They were okay. We ate a little bit, but who, as a kid,  likes that kind of stuff. We only ate spinach because Pop-Eye did.  I do remember best  the pork chops and the fried potatoes we had at the same meal in our farmhouse on St. Rt. 286.

If the single digit temperatures didn’t kill the Kale last night, I will pick some and  give this recipe a try. Yes, I know, it is January and I still have spinach and lettuce  growing in my cold-frame too.

So here’s the thing:  Never underestimate yourself. Try new things in life. Maybe you’ll try the Kale that appeared unexpectedly, just so you can say, I did that. Maybe you need to wrap your arms around a new experience like building a cold frame and trying to conquer mother nature and getting a harvest when you least expect it. Anyway, there’s a lesson for you here to learn and it  might not be about Kale or gardening.  But that’s for you to figure out.

To extend the harvest season  is  a gardener’s delight! Will let you know about the Kale.


Click on the link below and see the recipe.
Oven-Roasted Kale

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