My Birthday Greenhouse

Ice and Snow. Greenhouse in tow!

I just celebrated my birthday. It was a wonderful day.  I also received  the most wonderful gift. And  quite by accident I might add.  On the morning of my birthday, I was  waiting for my husband to come home early from work  so we could start my Birthday:  My  day…..  is a day of  what ever I want;  shopping and lunch and dinner and more shopping, no house cleaning, pampering me…… get what I mean? Yes, an all about me day! However, that morning,  I was shopping online for my birthday gift,  a greenhouse.  I want one really bad.

I  shopped on-line for a while  and almost purchased one. The question was, did I need a big one? Should I start with a little one? Would I really get enough produce from one to warrant the $200-$300 cost of the greenhouses I thought would be right,  affordable and easy to put up. then I remembered  a year ago,  I did buy one from Harbor Freight. When we got it home it was worse than a 1000 piece jig-saw puzzle. Too hard to figure out and my husband is an assembler at work.I took it back.  Suddenly, something just made me stop shopping.

I decided not to worry about the greenhouse for now. After all, I still have my cold frame, which I am very proud to report I just picked lettuce and spinach,  a few days back in January!

So to get on with the all about me day, I took a bath; a soothing bath, shaved my legs and armpits while listening to love songs by Kenny Rogers.  Yes,  a girls got to do these necessities to look good, and if I might add, to feel good about herself.   And I happily some from all the products in the Bath & Body Works gift-set I received from our son  Andrew and wife Tina,  the night before. Next, clothes, make-up and I must say, “Lookin’ pretty good!”

All of this reminded me of when I would be getting ready for a date with Jeff, my high-school sweetheart and now my husband of thirty-seven years. (Still going strong and loving it!) Suddenly I connected with that young, sweet girl. I smiled at myself in the mirror. She was still there and  looking back at me and  had a date with her man. ( Oops, I veered off of the topic there for a moment.)

I love to gather eggs
and hear the rooster crow.

Anyway,  to get back to the greenhouse. While out shopping my son called and asked us what we were doing. I told him the plan of shopping and lunch.  He said we might want to shop Ollie’s Outlet.  Really? I had never shopped there before. Didn’t quite know what to expect. But instead of shooting the recommendation down like a duck out of the air, I said okay. New adventures are good. You never know where they might lead you.  But probably not to a greenhouse, I thought.

Just imagine me standing inside
picking vegetables

When we walked into Ollie’s, my mouth dropped open.    To my  left was a huge display of books. I was ecstatic. I love books!    I found two fantastic discounted books,  one on  chickens and another on bee keeping. They are full of colorful  pictures and great info. I have never been around bee keeping but this might be in my future here on my hobby farm.  Chickens,  however,  have been in my life more than not.

Maybe this will be
my next Hobby Farm menagerie project. 

Back to the greenhouse, at the back of the store, there it was, a greenhouse. I could hardly believe my eyes.  Who in the world would have expected to find a greenhouse in this place. Ollie’s Outlet.  Now I understood this wasn’t an accident or chance happening.  God, or the Universe as some refer,  had aligned all these things up since this morning for me to stop there after all and not buy one on line.
  I was so excited  I squealed with delight,  “Oh my goodness, Jeff, there’s a greenhouse.”  The greenhouse was perfect. A smaller one than I was contemplating this morning.  Easy to put up and the price was just right for a starter greenhouse, only $59.95.
]So you see, things do work out in  perfect timing.  There may be something you wish for and you may be impatient. But don’t be afraid of wanting it. It will come right on time.
As you can imagine,  I smiled all the way home dreaming of all this farm girl can raise for the table in her very own greenhouse  and get a jump start on her growing season.  Where’s that seed catalog? I must  get started and send off that order to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.
Can’t wait for the weather to break  to put my new greenhouse up.

PS: Visit Bakers Creek on line.
 You will be glad you did!!!

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  1. chill says:

    I still have my cold frame, which I am very proud to report I just picked lettuce and spinach, a few days back in January! this is where I got my greenhouse


  2. Wonderful! I had a little trouble with mine at first. The winds rattled everything off the wire shelves onto the floor. Thank goodness I didn't have all the shelves filled at the get-go.


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