A little bit of heaven!

Today,  I’ve been bush hogging around the pumpkin and corn patch  on our farm,  a task that is way over due but we were busy with haying.  The wind on my face is warm and dry today; arrid. I notice the leaves have started  changing.  The pumpkin vines are beginning to die down revealing more orange pie pumpkins than we thought we had. It is always a mystery until we  see these little orange pumpkins scattered here and there as to whether we will have a good crop.

Suddenly I  feel like we are in fall already. I like fall. I love to sit on the front porch with a flannel shirt on to help keep me warm, sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying the scenery and counting my blessings all the while looking at the glorious, colorful landscape God is painting. My Corgis love it to and surround my feet stretched out snoozing until I move. Then they are alert and ready to follow me around.

   So today, like many more and those behind, when ever  I drive my big green tractor and look around  at our “little bit of heaven” here on our farm, I connect with nature and I can see clearly that there is a  God and his glorious landscape is proof of it  and as always it makes me well up inside and  I smile inside and out. Thank you. Thank you, I whisper.

Take Joy!

Farm Girl Sherry

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